Are you hosting a holiday get-together and scrambling to find ideas for healthy meals that are also delicious? The following holiday menu items perfectly combine nutritious ingredients with your holiday favorites without compromising on flavor: (Click on menu items for recipes).

What makes this a “healthy” holiday meal? I put healthy in brackets because anything can be healthy in the appropriate amounts. But for the purpose of this post, I will define healthy as foods providing us with nutrients while being moderate in calories. So to go back to the question, balance is what makes this menu a good choice.

  • First of all, because there are many vegetables in both starters and main courses, you are guaranteed to feel fuller longer due to their fiber content.
  • Second, the meal contains enough protein to keep us satisfied and reduce appetite and hunger levels.
  • Finally, most elements are nutrient dense (provide many essential nutrients without being too high in calories).

And yes, before someone makes a comment about it, I am fully aware that BACON is included, but it is only there in a small quantity, so need to feel guilty about it or tell me how awful and carcinogenic it is.

Finally, even if the menu items are what we would consider healthy, there is such a thing of too much of a good thing. So practice mindful eating by following these 6 Holiday Eating Tips

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