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Break the yo-yo dieting cycle now!

Is this for me?

Mindless and emotional eating manifests itself in many ways. If any of the following scenarios seem familiar, then you can benefit from this 10-week intuitive eating program!

  • Do you turn to food every time emotions run high? Stress from caring for your family, long work days, a fight with your spouse, or even receiving good news from work send you to the fridge. You try to resist, but your craving persists and you give in to temptation.  You eat quickly without enjoying your food, pushed by frustration and guilt. These emotions lead you to depriving yourself again, and the cycle starts again.
  • You’ve tried all the latest diet trends that have either worked for a short time or are too hard to follow long-term. You start off motivated telling yourself that this will be the last time you diet, start logging your foods and cutting the junk and even shed a few pounds. But eventually, you either lose motivation, go off track (Holidays anyone?) or simple give up. You go back to your old habits, regain all the weight you lost and feel like you have failed.
  • You have an unhealthy relationship with food. You use food to comfort yourself, eat until you’re too full and feel sick, have a hard time controlling your portions or don’t know when to stop eating. You may even eat in private so people can’t see what or how much you’re eating. Or maybe someone (or yourself) told you not to eat something because it is bad for you or will make you gain weight, leading to restriction.Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.05.44 PM

If at least one of these scenarios seems familiar, you’re at the right place and we can help.

This program allows you to improve your relationship with food without going through a diet, eliminating entire food groups, following meal plans and keeping food journals. In this 10-week program you will:

  • Learn to identify your internal and external cues that trigger eating;
  • Understand why diets don’t work;
  • End mindless and emotional eating;
  • Improve your relationship with food;
  • Get tips and tricks for knowing when, what, and how much to eat without coun
    ting portions of restricting foods;
  • And connect with individuals in the same situation because you are not alone in this.

What you get

Not only will you learn how to create a positive relationship with your food, body, and mind, you will also receive:

  • Weekly lesson plans, challenges, and activities;
  • An invitation to a private Facebook group to share your struggles and successes with other participants;
  • Recipes, tips, and tricks;
  • A free workbook if you register for all 10 classes!

Classes and cost

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.05.22 PM

To register:

For more info:


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