Do you turn to food every time emotions run high? Have you tried all the latest diet trends that have only worked for a short time? Or do you use food to comfort yourself, eat until you’re too full and feel sick, have a hard time controlling your portions or don’t know when to stop eating?

If at least one of these scenarios seems familiar, you’re at the right place and we can help! This program allows you to improve your relationship with food without going through a diet, eliminating entire food groups, following meal plans or keeping food journals.

Starting Friday January 19th at 6pm at the Montréal-West clinic, here’s a 6 week program to help you adopt healthy habits towards food!

affiche mindful eating

6 week program :

Week 1 – Reject the diet mentality/Why diets don’t work? : January 19th

Week 2 – Why the scale can do more harm than good? : January 26th

Week 3 – Honour your hunger/Manage cravings! : February 9th

Week 4 – Portion distortion – why we eat more than we think? : February 16th

Week 5 – Balancing work, family, and food/Meal planning! : February 23th

Week 6 – Eating for pleasure/Chocolate eating workshop! : March 2nd


The cost is $25 in advance (earlybird) and $35 for drop-in (per workshop).

The workshop is about an hour long.

*A tax receipt will be provided.


Follow our events on Facebook for more info and to make sure you don’t miss one week :

Call (514) 485-9292 to register! 

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