Ingredient and recipe boxes delivered to your door are all the craze. Almost a year ago, I tried Goodfood (see review) and enjoyed it. This time, I got a special offer from Cook It and wanted to share my experience.

Just like with Goodfood, I had to choose which meals I wanted to cook from a list of  8 options. Once the selection is made, you need to indicate how many portions of each meal you wanted (2, 3, or 4 portions). For the week of the trial, I had chosen the chicken pad thai, sweet potato risotto, and fresh chicken ramen (I guess I was in the mood for chicken and noodles when I made my selection).

I received all ingredients are recipe cards at my door is an insulated box filled with ice packs to keep ingredients safe to eat. All the ingredients for a specific recipe were place in their own bags and labelled to make things easier. Even better, they were included in the correct amounts, so no need to measure anything!

Cook It 2.png
Recipe card with simple step by step instructions

Compared to other meal services, I thought the recipes were a lot simpler and quicker. If the recipe says 30 minutes, it actually takes 30 minutes.  Now it could just be because two of them were similar to a stir-fry, but at least these were options rather than elaborate recipes. All recipes were nutritionally balanced (nutrition info is even included on the recipe card), but most importantly delicious! I really loved the chicken pad thai; it was fresh, salty, and sweet. The recipes are also more family-friendly than other services as well. 

Although I only tried two companies, I would chose Cook It over Goodfood simply for the ease of the recipes. Someone using this service is likely using it to save time, and the recipes included with Goodfood don’t allow you to do so!


  • Quick & flavorful recipes
  • Perfect for busy weeks
  • No need to buy and measure ingredients or look for recipes
  • Delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options
  • You can skip or cancel your subscription at any time


  • Large portion sizes (which can be a pro as well)
  • More expensive than buying the ingredients yourself: A two person plan costs $65 per week, including tax and shipping and a four person plan costs $112 per week. Cost is very similar to other companies
  • Have to constantly skip weeks if you won’t be using the service for a while
  • Not suitable for allergies and intolerances


2 thoughts

  1. Hey if anyone wants 50% off their first 2 orders (more than the 30% offered by them) just use my code: ALANNA008
    And I’ll get 40$ off too!


  2. Cookit are crooks. Their vegetables are anything but fresh, their deliveries arrive late (with the ice packs completely melted) and, when you cancel, they won’t ship all of your last order but charge you full price for it. Plus there wasn’t a week where there wasn’t at least one ingredient missing from one of the recipes.


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