Dear Dieter, 

I feel you. Everywhere you look, there is an ad for a weight loss program. You go on Facebook and there is someone offering you a free meal plan whenever you post that you are looking for a gym. Your mom, sister, cousin, and neighbor are trying to convince you to try whatever diet is currently working for them right now. Everything on Instagram has the hashtag #cleaneating.

Of course it sounds enticing. Lose 10lbs in a month. Lose the belly fat. Have more energy. You name it, whatever problem you have, it will be managed with the next diet. 

Chances are you have even tried the same diet in the past. It worked, you lost 20 lbs. But then, you slowly lost motivation, things got busy with the kids, you got a new job. Whatever the reason, you weren’t able to keep up with the diet restrictions. 

You feel like you failed. But this time is different. It’s a new year, you’re motivated, things are quiet at work and everything is under control with family…

Unfortunately, study after study and experience tell us that 95% of dieters regain the weight and then some. Whether it’s Weight Watchers, Keto, Paleo, Intermittent fasting, or simply tracking calories, they all follow the same pattern. You lose weight fast, feel great, and slowly go back to your old habits. Isn’t weird that they all do that? THAT’S BECAUSE THE PROBLEM IS THE DIET, NOT YOU!

But what if there was another option? Something you can follow long-term without the stress of having to eat clean YOUR WHOLE LIFE?

The best way of eating is one you can stick to, and this usually involves some form of intuitive eating. Intuitive eating allows us to eat all foods by honoring our hunger and fullness and removes the stress of always having to eat perfectly as weight loss is not a primary goal. Instead we focus on feeling great: sleeping better, being pain-free, reducing stress related to eating, and managing medical conditions.

So next time you are tempted to try a new diet, remember that they are all the same and that THEY ARE PROVEN NOT TO WORK! So save your money, time, and peace of mind and try something else for a change: intuitive eating with the help of a registered dietitian. 

Yours truly, 


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