Happy Monday!

Do you need an extra push to get back on track this season? And want to do so without getting injured? Or maybe you realize you can’t keep working in the position you’re in right now? Given the lack of time & energy we have to take care of ourselves, we are offering a cost-effective mini-series on movement and nutrition. The presentations are:

February 10th – 12pm : Posture at work/ergonomics

Learn to optimize your workstation to reduce back and neck pain, headaches, circulation problems and more. Participants will learn how to correct their posture and get exercises and stretches to perform to prevent and manage these conditions.

February 17th – 12pm: Prevention of slips and falls

With the current weather, it’s important to know how to prevent falls and slips. Rania will educate and guide you through the various stretches and exercises to reduce your risk of injury and prevent occurrence of slips and falls during winter and help prevent injuries such as pulled muscles, sprains, concussions, or other types of aches and sprains.

February 24th – 12pm : Stress and nutrition part 1

Just like what we eat can impact our stress levels, our stress levels can also have an impact on the types and quantities of food we eat. Through this series we will look at this relationship both ways. The first presentation will focus on the foods and nutrients that can either lower or elevate stress levels.

March 3rd – 12pm: Stress and nutrition part 2

The second presentation will illustrate how to manage emotional eating through mindful eating exercises. After this presentation, participants will be able to differentiate physical vs emotional hungers and use the appropriate coping mechanism when faced with the situation.

After the fourth presentation, you will be able to book a FREE short phone consultation! (Valid for 1 month)

Price: $10 for one Zoom presentation
$20 for all four Zoom presentations

How to register: Please call us at 514-485-9292!

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