You know that dieting doesn’t work, but you’re desperate. You tell yourself this is the last time you diet and promise yourself  “I’ll be good”. You think things will be different after you lose a few pounds and that you’ll start focusing on other aspects of your life then. We know that it’s not only what you eat but how you eat. 

A dietitian can help you live a healthier life in many ways, whether it is to lose or gain weight or deal with a food allergy. Some benefits of having healthy eating habits include:

  • A decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases;
  • Reduced stress;
  • Improved performance in sports;
  • More energy.

Services offered include:


  • Individual evaluation (1 hour): 90-100$
  • Couple evaluation (1.5 hours): 140$
  • Follow-ups (30 minutes): 45-50$

Receipts are available for insurance purposes.

Contact me today!

Past and present projects:

Breakfast Television (video): Losing weight without dieting is possible (and better for you)

Samuelsohn: Weekly presentations and cooking workshops for the employees

Source For Sports: Guest blogger on sports nutrition.

Studios Taino: Creator and animator of cooking and healthy eating classes in various elementary schools.

École Primaire Jonathan Wilson: Workshop for 5th and 6th graders in the soccer program.


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